My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear


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Received her this morning


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Did I imagine reading it, isn’t John using a new, or waiting on a new supplier for goat
I believe I was the source of that rumor. The answer is yes. I think it looks amazingly like the goatskin on 1940s and 1950s USN jackets. Here is a photo showing it on the pocket and waistband of an M-445B. I think he used everything he had on this jacket, but he is expecting a fairly big shipment in the near future.

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Mr. Mike

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I wonder why no one seems to dwell on the ANJ-4 that JC offers ?

-> Mike:

Need to pick up an earlier thread here as I wanted to share a nice anecdote with you but never really found the time to get it all together and writing it up. But better late than never, so here we go.

At the end of 2020 I had a quite lengthy phone call with John about why there is no AN-J-4 within the selectable range of products he offers and whether he would be interested to manufacture one, perhaps on basis of the original I hold as benchmark. John told me that he once gave it a try (probably the one Kermit3D was referring to in his thread) but considers the AN-J-4 as by far the hardest jacket to make so he refrained from that plan.

Mid of last year, out of a sudden, John approached me telling that he cleaned up his pattern to give it a second try and whether I would be interested as it was about my size (similar to what Jan happened with his B-6 later that year). Now the AERO AN-J-4 (#43-13616-AF) John manufactured is simply extraordinary in terms of historical accuracy and quality of material applied (no need to mention his unrivaled craftsmanship which goes without saying). He chose a sheepskin with a fur slightly more on the yellowish side (I usually prefer the more amber/tan color like the B-3s), which, looking at period-time original photos, and the original I hold underlines that John achieved a perfect match for the AN-J-4.

The pockets as well as the enforcement parts are made of Horween horsehide which has a dense kind of semi-aniline finish and will show some edge wear and reveal its lighter russet base over the years. It gives the jacket this two-tone color scheme which I particularly like very much (similar to ELC’s house style version of the AN-J-4). Sure this jacket will gain even more character through wear and I will keep you posted every other year of this evolution while we travel together through time in this group ;o). For this unique copy John could spend some nice details (like in Jan’s B-6 case) which definitely add to its overall impression. The chest triangle for the oxygen hose is perhaps the one detail not embraced by everybody (in fact not all originals of the 43-13616-AF contract were equipped with it) but it is a very cool and decent hint to the roots of this jacket for all of those who are not that familiar with our hobby and addiction.

The other nice detail is of course the blackened vintage WWII Conmar Zipper (@Grant: this one goes out to you ;o)). It is truly a pity that I cannot share in a 4th dimension with you the tremendously dense and impressive flavor of freshly crafted and dyed leather it provides and have to leave that last piece to your own imagination. However, for all the rest I will add some visuals to give you a better impression of what I was reviewing above.

Ironically my first GW now unexpectedly became a shearling jacket instead of an A-2 waiting still in the production line. However I hope you’ll enjoy this keeper for live anyway.


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-5°C (23°F) this morning in the south of France...
I can't wait to get my B-6 (it's not for now) ;)

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Off-topic, but quite possibly the most beautiful corner of the world I've ever visited... And not just only the landscapes. The people, their attitutes toward life- and what is important and what isn't. Oh, and the food and wine...
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That was a FANTASTIC review! One of the best I've ever read. And what a remarkable piece of work that John has created! The fit looks perfect. John, certainly knows his customers. One of the many advantages of going Good Wear Leather!

Mr. Mike

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That was a FANTASTIC review! One of the best I've ever read. And what a remarkable piece of work that John has created! The fit looks perfect. John, certainly knows his customers. One of the many advantages of going Good Wear Leather!
Oh thanks a lot for the kind words saucerfiend. John is definitely one of the greatest and most outstanding guys and talents I have ever met!


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Not to derail the thread but has anyone taken delivery from GW lately from the order que? Wondering what current wait times are like. 14 months no problem. 36 months....maybe no.


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That’s an outstanding looking AN-J4 Mike.
John is everything that you described and more . He is a real gentleman’s … gentleman.
His wait times are long and it wears some people down, but if you can hang in there, you won’t find a nicer, more accurate jacket than the ones coming from Good Wear Leather. just my opinion of course .