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If father Christmas cant afford to give you those
Here's another
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The first leather coat is IMO just a leather moped's or motorcyclist's coat. You can find them quite often for about 50 euros; sometimes from German manufacturers. Depending on the colour they are offerd on Ebay as Nazi or Gestapo coat etc.

The only thing special on this particular coat is the (map)pocktet on the chest but nothing refers to the Luftwaffe....


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Do you have any lovely ideas for a Christmas gift? I am thinking about what should I present to my best friend. Frankly speaking, I don't have much money and can't afford any stunning gift. I am not sure if this kind of coat would be a proper one as well. Anyway, there is no much time left, I need to make up my mind. What do you think about socks? It's a rather simple but very warm prize in all meanings. I have found a very interesting source a few days ago. It's a rather original approach, don't you think so?
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Ken at Aero Leather

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The Real Deal

as you can see the price achieved was ludicrously low/
I've been sitting on a full pattern since 1989 waiting for the prices to rise
We sold a couple of originals at The Thrift Shop, early 1980s, both made less than any original USN WW2 Coat G&F sold during that same era:)

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This is coming up for sale on the 17th estimate £300-500.

Brackley (Herbert, 1894-1948). An Interwar period leather long flying coat worn by Air Commodore Brackley, the soft tan leather jacket with 8 brass pop stud buttons to the front, 3 to the rear neck, 1 to the rear slit and 2 each to the cuffs with elasticated cuffs, with silk-cotton lining, 128cm top to bottom and 43cm inner arm length

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Believed to have been worn by Brackley during his attempt at the first transatlantic flight in 1919.