Just found this jacket maker...


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He is 1/2 of the "Myth Busters" from the discovery channel.
He is 1/2 of the ORIGINAL 'Myth Busters", I think he is a special effect guy for TVs and movies turned presenter. I like their approaches to debunk the myths scientifically, well, sort of. definitely better than Top Gear IMHO.


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If I may throw in my $0.02 worth...I have one of the Luna Replicas jackets and I can say I'm extremely pleased with it. No, it's not the original cotton poplin, but since I don't fly anymore, I don't care. It may or may not have the correct number of stitches, the exact cut, yadda yadda. But it's "almost " there...maybe even "all the way" there. Who am I to criticize? Before these and those few jackets Al Worden was hawking, there were NO Apollo-era repros out there. Space Camp sold a few monstrosities that were based on the Gibson & Barnes "Classic" jacket, but were hardly repros of the Flite Wear. Just remember, the original jackets were just like the original A-2s: all hand made, several different manufacturers, changes in material over ten or fifteen years, and thus no two of them were exactly alike, and there were dfferences in every contract run. My advice is that you guys jump on these while you can, before ELC decides to crank them out at $2000 USD apiece. After all, if these repros are good enough for a die-hard space geek like me...