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It's nearly a B-2


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deeb7 said:
John Lever said:
But not quite. Still it looks very cool ...
So it's another candidate for Marcel's collection ...

hello David,

you're right.... i have an eye on her.
hope she stay at low price because i have really no money to spend this time.
too many problem with my old house not yet sold, it begin to cost a f....g lot of money (those f....g interest,fees)
but a day i will get one.
byeeeeeeeeeeee marcel


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Peter Graham said:
Sorry Marcel, you may have a fight on your hands. Anyone know what VF-6 indicates ?
there will be no fight for this one for me.
i take a look on my bank account and there is not a cent to spend.
god damned.

when i saw the painting on the jacket i made some search on the net concerning VF-6.
i discover a patch with felix the cat, and already there i knew this jacket was not for me.

by the way thanks David for your splendid link (CV-6.org)