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Flying and other jacket histories - what other guides or resource information would you like to see on the Forum?

What other guide or resource would you like to see on the Forum?

  • USAAF WW2 Sheepskin jackets

  • RAF WW2 sheepskin flying jackets

  • German WW2 flying jackets

  • Other nations flying jackets (tell us more)

  • More detail about the A-2 and its contacts

  • More about "Golden Age' pre-WW2 jackets: A-1 and/or civil (tell us more)

  • Other (tell us more - style, nation, period etc)

  • USN WW2 sheepskin jackets

Results are only viewable after voting.

Lord Flashheart

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In the BFG Discussion thread @Mr. Mike asked whether @mulceber and I had any plans to widen the scope of that USN reference sticky. It's an interesting question because I suspect a lot of us have areas of interest in these jackets which we've dug into over time and probably we all still have unanswered questions.

When Jan, Wei and I wrote BFG 1.0 it was titled a Beginners Guide and we definitely learnt lots by researching and writing it, by questioning each other and by posting it up. We did it partly to fill a gap in the accessible knowledge here and hopefully that's made this series of jackets more visible and interesting to members and visitors here. We got feedback and that helped us improve it. The book will always remain open to refine it.

So, this is a question for everyone:
  • What other guide or resource would you like to see on the Forum?
  • What could you add to help bring that about and would you be willing to work with other Members to put that together?
I've added a Poll with a few suggestions and I'm not assuming the book is closed on A-2. There is Gary's book obviously and the contract list but could there be richer detail you'd like to see for example?

Over to you ...
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This is exactly the best we could wish for from this forum. Make it a structured, scalable knowledge base that is accessible to all. I love that !!
I would sincerely like to be able to help, but I don't have your knowledge...
But I support it 200%.

Another huge thank you to those who are involved in these projects.

On the subject of voting... I admit that I want to check all the boxes.