FiveStar Leather Reproduction J.A. DUBOW MFG CO. A2

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Saw this exact pic the other day on your sales post but I just ignored it. I assume many here saw it too. I have not had a moustache since November last year, but you only swing by when you have a jacket or two to sell. You have shown exactly who you are in this thread. Your name was mud on The Fedora Lounge from the outset and you displayed your form with the dummy spit thread shortly after.

I sat back and watched the compounding observations in this thread as many saw just who you truly are.

You elected to bring the same shitty post onto another thread to get a response? So be it. I have better things to do than engage with you. I have been here for 23 years so far and I would not piss on you if you were on fire. John Chapman would be embarrassed you are his customer right about now.

My ongoing military service has shown me mutual respect, empathy and most of all humility. I assume you did not cut it in the military and you hang on to it to perpetuate some tenous link to an inflated period of success. I have played a part in the demise of half a dozen better men than you.

This will be the last post I ever respond directly to you. I will continue to 'like' the accurate observations from others, as they attempt to educate you of your shortfalls as a forum 'member' and as a human being.

If we are going caricatures... I would portray you as the weak and floundering Hiram, who becomes 'Fearless Fly' behind a keyboard. I am not sure how you measure 'success'; however, a few snazzy jackets ain't it. You need a bigger set of glasses to take a good look at yourself.

'Some of the gear and no idea' comes to mind. You think you amass jackets as fast as Jorge and you know as much as John.
You are far from either, I assure you. I get more benefit from the spam posts than I do from your inane ramblings.

I expect some sort of poorly thought out, immature response. I won't comment on it. I AM better than you. I DO have cooler jackets than you and I like to think that I have contributed more to the forum in 23 years than you EVER will.

Good bye and good riddance Monsieur Grrr.!
He is a prick,,he is allowed near live ammo??? Must be easy to get into the Australians army ...

Its not in a safe environment one has parade , show his gear and muscles...but where the war Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia....when are we going to win against the evil terror and not only loose a lot of lifes...these lost lives, Respect...they were in the real war and not at the home front shooting range with a lot of useless saloon and sofa equipment .

Good bye Mr BOGAN

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Here's the great Dubow Shawn and his team made for me. The quality is there in both leather, construction and details. Marvelous stitching!

At this point I would say Shawn is unstoppable in bringing quality jackets patterned after originals.

Its chilled down in FL and I've worn it inside the past few days, I'm so happy with it!

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