First ever A-2 purchase, minor damage on cuff?


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Hi everyone :) Newbie here.
I've recently pulled the trigger on the Eastman Leather Clothing A-2 Rough Wear® Contract 27752 and it looks awesome, however I noticed it arrived with some minor damage on the cuff. It looks some thread has been pulled out.
Its my first ever major leather jacket purchase, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of build quality and craftsmanship. I've already had to return the .50 cal which I originally bought due to size+cut incompatibility with my body, so I feel kinda bad asking to dealing with such a minor thing.

Just looking to get an opinion, is this worth asking for an exchange over? or is this quite common when it comes to the production of these knitted cuffs? I'm probably just overthinking it, and could probably just drop the Eastman guys an email and see what they think first, because they did assure me I had nothing to worry about despite these jackets being hand made, they should look perfect.

I guess I'm asking because I'm in Australia and it costs upwards of $200 for delivery back to the UK including insurance, which really sucks. Thats 10% of the original jacket, every time.

What do you guys think? - Sam

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Send it back. I can not for the life of me see how anyone at Eastman would put that wrist knit into a jacket.

Doesn't actually look like an ELC knit though?

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And looks like sleeve wear?
No idea, could it be a difference in the contracts? I'm a total newbie when it comes to this stuff so not sure how to compare. The jacket just looked cool so I bought it, wanting to replace the leather jacket I've worn since I was 15.
Anyway, I've just dropped them an email to see what they think. I mean, they offer a 1 year 'warranty' if you will so if I had any issues they said they'd be happy to deal with it, but I guess I'm just a little disappointed to have to send back a second jacket, and for something so small when, from what I can gather, ELC is a maker which really cares about the quality of their jackets. It just seems like a careless oversight.

Thanks for the advice anyway, I guess its not too much to ask to receive a perfectly made jacket when one has to pay so much for it.


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I agree with Couchy’s assessment. Send it back, get it replaced. Eastman will make this right. They make some top quality jackets, so you will be happy in the end. You might find that the replacement has some knit problems as it breaks in, but out of the box is just a quality control mess up.


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An alternate suggestion... Eastman is known to have bad knits, so even a fix from Eastman leaves something to be desired. It might be easier, cheaper, and ultimately more accurate to order knits from MASH (link) and have them installed locally.


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If you received it in 1943 as your personal gear, you could have ignored this problem and go to the cockpit. Today, having paid big money and get such a flaw...Return it back, let them fix! I'm sure that the return and delivery should be at the expense of Eastman.
In favor of ELC's knitwear, I can say that I weared my Eastman A2 a lot, never "babying" it, and have no problems with cuffs and a belt. They looks like as the day I bought this jacket more than 2 years ago.
Maybe I was more lucky than others, but it is true.


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It must go back! For the money ELC charges for these jackets, they have to send you what you're paying for.
Eastman is supposed to be one of the best quality top end makers.
Do you know what ELC charges to have knits replaced on an older ELC? A LOT!
They need to know this is not ok. Im sure they'll replace it.
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Looks like a blunt needle was used when the cuff was attached but whatever the cause if it was new, unused from ELC they should be made aware and rectify the issue or supply another garment at no cost to you.


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Maybe a stupid question...
Did you buy it from ELC? or someone selling it for an ELC brand new?
Any copy of ELC invoice receipt (please post and feel free to hide your data)...ELC box, certificates.?
ELC knits are not the best and I had my fun with them already, but their QC ist not that bad...A brand new jacket like that?...first time... after a few wearings OK.. but not out of the box... this would be new..
Please inform.
Thanks a lot.


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Sam, re-reading your post. I 'd consider what Pilot suggests. Its a lot to send back and forth and you should not have to fork out for it.
Perhaps suggest a 'discount' to Eastman (I doubt they'd go for it). Use the refund to buy knits from MASH and have them installed locally.
Id be really pissed if I had to eat the return costs of postage and to receive a new jacket.


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Speaking as someone who has actually replaced cuffs and waistbands.....

Indeed, MASH knits are better as they tend to be a tighter knit, which is good, but that very fact means that they are not likely to match the looser knit of the remaining ELC waistband. The nearest match to the cuffs on the jacket and easily available retail or the mid brown ones from Larry on the 'bay.


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I'm sure they'll refund your return postage for an error like that, NBD. Wesco sent me some messed up boots -- i live in Germany, they are in the US -- and they paid me back to postage, as well.


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Totally unacceptable if purchased new directly through ELC . Quality control should have picked up on that, and ELC probably doesn’t want factory flubs like that floating around. It’s bad for business. Tell them that in a “diplomatic way”