First ever A-2 purchase, minor damage on cuff?


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Thank you everyone for the replies! I apologize for the late response, as I'm still recovering from Strep.

To answer some of the questions:
The jacket was purchased directly from ELC. First jacket I purchased from them I had to send back due to fitting reasons, and it may have been partially my fault as I told them I was just after any one of three models of the A-2 I saw on their website. I was more in a hurry to get any of these jackets seeing as the weather was getting cold in Melbourne + I knew i would probably end up purchasing another down the road anyway. The exact model didn't matter so I think they took it as an urgent order and dispatched it without checking for flaws. Still interesting to me though, because I feel like they should've checked each jacket prior to adding it to their stock rather than prior to dispatch.

Anyway, I gave ELC a call today and they offered to have DHL pick up the jacket from me and once it's back at their workshop they'll replace the cuff and send it back out to me again. They said it'll probably be faster since they don't actually have another size 40 in stock plus I wouldn't have to risk getting another jacket where the fit isn't quite right due to manufacturing tolerances. Sounds good to me though!

Thanks everyone for the advice! I just didn't know if I was being too picky about the quality.