Few A1 44

John Lever



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Cracking A1 John, lovely colour too. Purely curiosity but any relevance of the ‘chalked?’ 41? Good fit too by the way - from what it looks I have the same dilemma over the neck knit, tending to pull down both sides to create a collar but sometimes its as yours appears!!
You wear it well!!!

John Lever

Bought it for peanuts from the USA, ($150)I think it might have been part of a wardrobe at some point perhaps for a production of some kind ? The 14 is silver ink.
This jacket has had many VLJ owners starting with Bevan, then Chris Van Eyck, John C someone unknown,then finally me. All the wear has really helped.
These attract big prices in Japan 1k plus.
Never to be sold.


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Lucky guy scoring this for so little. Love the tag!
I once met a vet who had one, issued right before he left for the ETO in early 1943, with the 91st BG. He said when he got there, his squadron adjutant tried to write him up for non-standard uniform stuff, yelled at him that he couldn't "just go buy a leather jacket and wear it" instead of the issue stuff. Didn't help when he showed the Maj the tag, either! It apparently went to the Group level for discipline levels, when someone said, "Let's see this jacket" and that guy was a pre-war pilot who'd bene issued one before the war and told that Maj he was an idiot.
The vet still had it, too (already designated to go to his son; yes, I asked, as I didn't want it going into a dumpster or goodwill when he was gone, the vet understood). I had photos of it from back in the 90s, but God knows where they are today...


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in Japan… easy 1200 Euro plus…
The well paid gaijin‘s and their 44“ plus frames are happy to pay for and glad to find a 44“ in this quality


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Totally agree. Please contact me directly when you are ready to move this. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated courtesy and cooperation.