ELC and Bill Kelso roughwear 27752 comparison


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Personally, the Eastman original maker B-3s are the ones that make my jaw hit the floor, but I'm told the Aeros are quite good. And apparently the Aero ANJ-4 is the best in the world? That one's definitely on my list.


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Yeah I’m hoping to compare the hides myself, as I hear so many opinions. Some say aero’s Vicenza is the best out there, and others say that about warhorse. To me the look of the liberty is great — almost Shinki. Guess I’ll find out.

Any news on the hide comparison? Did you receive the BK? Which of the two between ELC and BK takes the prize?

Should be ordering one soon, trying to make my mind up between the two but am gravitating more towards BK at the moment.