ebay a cautionary tale

John Lever

I saw an Eastman B3 for sale at a small town auction house, the guide price was about 70 to 90 GBP I think, plus post and hammer fees. I love the earlier jackets so thought I might have a go at it. On enquiry I learned that one of the armpit seams had come away so asked for photos. Rob at Eastman gave me a cost of about 30 gbp.
In the end I didn't bid but found out that it sold for 300 gbp, a bargain even considering the additional repair cost.
Today I opened ebay.....there it is...same photos....not even posted by the auction house to the buyer....for 895 gbp. The ebay seller does not mention any damage but knows enough to say rrp of 1099 gbp.
I have seen the seller do this before with a Chapal B3 B3 I bought before the Euro was introduced, it cost me 350 gbp. It was too big so after a couple of years I sold it for about 200 gbp. The buyer sold it some years later using my photos. It went for about 450 gbp to the ebay seller selling the b3 from the auction house but the price was now over 900 gbp.
That is what ebay has become.



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Let me guess. The rip is at the back of the left sleeve? Neatly folded away from view... B-3s don't 'hang' like that....

PayPal would flick your money back as soon as you put in a claim though.

John Lever

She doesn't even know, just buy it and sell at a huge mark up. If you are a hobbyist wanting a nice second hand jacket at a fair price then those days are over.
Traders working from home who know the rrp but little else.