Eastman A1 Jacket Size 44 BIN $500


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I was pretty tempted by this one. I am surprised it has lasted as long at that price


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This and every other Eastman that comes up for sale on EBay or anywhere else just tell me: never ever buy one of these things new, the resale value totally sucks. It’s such a shame that people seem to value some other crap over Eastman, but their stuff just doesn’t seem to sell. Someone currently has a fairly mint looking B-15 on eBay for just over £300 and it’s sat there for months.


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Pit to pit 21"
Shoulder to Shoulder 19"
Collar to Base 23"
Shoulder to Sleeve 25.5"

50 Caliber Treatment
Only shoulders are off the standard size 40 despite jacket being marked as 44, everything else corresponds quite well with standard size 40. Marked as size 44? No way, there are only shoulders left from the size marked over there. So, it's going to have huge shoulders overhang for anybody in size 40 and anybody with size 44 could never button up this beaut, moreover its waist cuff is going to be above belt for both.
Anybody in size 42 is going to get all the abovementioned disadvantages. Bargain? For whom then?


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I did not even look at the measurements, I just assumed it would be too big for me being 44
38 size chest with 42 sleeves and 42 shoulder width and 23" length would be too short for me and I'm 5 6' 1/2" that would be more like a size 36 length on an A1.
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