Cirrus uk?

Harry Havermout

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Hi I wondered whether any one knew whether cirrus uk flying jackets are still in business
I had a sheepskin from them long ago but it is worn out and I want a new one but their websites seem to be down and no replies on FB

(sorry if this has been asked before)


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They're still going...

They were never the most accurate Irvin repros but they were by all accounts very well made and on par with Aviation Leathercraft.

Sadly, around 5 or so years back, they decided to revamp their range and go all fashiony. Their standard "Irvin" which was very similar to ALC's version is gone and replaced by what can only be called an abomination and an over-priced abomination at that, retailing for 949 quid. Back in the day they had a not bad approximation of a WWI British flying coat as made by Burberry or Gamages, sadly that too is long gone along with a rather good looking 3/4 double breasted flying coat.

Their stuff now design-wise is awful. If you really want a Cirrus sheepskin flying jacket, go secondhand via eBay for one of the older versions or better yet get an Eastman, cheaper at 845 quid and in a different league in terms of accuracy.


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I agree Tim. I once used to own a Cirrus jacket Irvin and it was well made. Their current sheepskin jackets are just fashion garments!:(


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I was sad to see that Cirrus hhhave appeared to go down the pan. At least on there web sites. I bought mine in 2013 and love it, however it was bought via Proviation and that caused immense problems for me and everyone else who used them. It was finally resolved but not without considerable trauma & expense. But the jacket is still good!