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Bronson 37J1 - opinions wanted


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I'm thinking of buying one, if you don't mind me asking what waist and height are you, I find some bronsons are tight under the armpits if they are your regular size how does the 40 feel.
Does the collar sit flat properly or does it keep sticking up to the air, a problem on their A1.
I generally find first impressions are right, which ever one you feel more comfortable in will be the one you regret sending back.


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Yeah, its a hard decision... ;-) Both jackets are well made.

Both jackets fit ok, the 42 being a little bit more comfy than the 40 (especially under the armpits - but its not uncomfortable just a little tighter). On the 42 the arms are a little long but I am not worried about this too much. But the 40 looks nicer when being worn.

The collar can sit flat - no problem with that.

As for me, I am 179/180 cm (depending on te daytime...) tall and my size in a pair of jeans is usually 32/32.

Will test both jackets when I am home again and make my decision later.

Bought both jackets on eBay - the seller is a great guy and very communicative.


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If anyone is interested (hope, no one will feel offended by this): the eBay seller I have bought the jackets (and also my Dongs) is called dlzlitchi2/Lee. He’s a nice guy and very helpful! I can deeply recommend him!