Bill Kelso. Whats happening?

Lord Flashheart

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10 days in customs? .... Luxury (Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen style for those familiar with that sketch)... the RW23380 I picked up from GW in May positively flew across the pond only to land in treacle with our fine Post Office customs service.

Great looking Star.
Just less than a week before the 10th-month anniversary of me placing my order I actually received my jacket today! And I must say it's absolutely beautiful: the leather is so supple and textured beautifully, the lining feels heavyweight quality in the right way and the cut is fantastic- I love the way it drapes off the shoulders. It's a slightly more restrictive cut around the shoulders than other similar jackets I have surprisingly (especially when you raise your arms up in front, so I don't know how driving will be in it) but overall I'm over the moon with it. This is the Relic Hunter in Striated Lamb.
I don't know if I could face buying from BK again though: 10 months of waiting was a bit too stressful for me and felt like too much of a leap of faith. But I'm very glad I have the end product now.