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Best photos of famous people wearing true vintage leather jackets (military, but not only)


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Yeah maybe wrong sleeve anyway but also the flag itself looks like it is reversed - like the "stars" rectangular is on the wrong side????

It looks like this:


but not like this:

Your pictures aren't working. :confused:

But the US flag has 2 sides -- picture how it blows in the wind. That's why you see the blue field on the right on the starboard side of an airplane's tail -- as though it's going with the plane's direction.


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I didn't notice that before - so when worn on the left shoulder the flag is reversed per regulation?
On the left shoulder the blue field should show on the left. On the right shoulder it should be on the right (though I've seen many police and fire dept. uniforms that don't get it correct).


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I think to finish the ensemble, he needs a big purple Panama with a leopard skin band, purple Cadillac with leopard skin seats and sidewinder exhaust. Oh, and an ensemble of skanks. Either that or just put on a dress;)
Yes- he looks rather light on his feet in this photo.