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Aero Open Day 17th August 2019

Ken at Aero Leather

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Aero Open Day & Sale - August 17th 2019
Huge Showroom Sale!

We're constantly being asked if we'll ever have another open day, after the resounding success of our event back in 2016... good news is now is the time! We're happy to announce there'll be another Aero Open Day and sale in our factory in Galashiels on August 17th 2019 at 10am GMT.

We're preparing to launch our new website and have a general clear out of stock ahead of doing some improvements to our factory showroom, so there will be plenty of bargains up for grabs. Everything in the factory... jackets, knitwear, footwear, denim, vintage, the whole lot... will be on special offer to make it a worthwhile trip for those of you who can join us!

Minimum discount will be 20% off list price.

For those who cannot make it on Sat 17th August, we will have a one day online sale beginning at 10am GMT Monday 19th August on remaining goods.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Ill try and get up Ken ! About an hour or so drive up for me :)
You might well (probably will) find some original pieces of interest as we are domolishing our vintage display unit in the refurbishment, we need a changing room with so many ladies visiting and jeans and trousers being very popular. We'll probably have to re allocaste the office where a lot of the achive pieces are kept and turn it back into an office.......it's staggering how many non production staff are needed in these days of internet shopping, got to put them somewhere!!!!


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Care to give us a little teaser on what’s going to be available and more importantly the sizes of those items?