Aero Late WW2 Multi panel RAF Flying jacket


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I'll post a few other pics over the weekend but here's my Aero Late WW2 multi panel RAF Flying jacket. I like the multi panel detailing and it feels just right "out of the box". Aero have been good to deal with, accepting Covid and all that, and this is just what I hoped for when I ordered in January. Size 42 fits me fine on the usual one size up principle.View attachment 42157View attachment 42158View attachment 42158
Best fit of any Irvin I’ve seen,sheepskin is also fantastic & in my opinion so much better than broken grain or whatever it’s called.


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.... most people can’t tell the difference between one A2 from another, so remember that, when deciding if you need the $1200 repro or the $500. one.
Or between an Irvin or a B-3 or a D-1 and actually many don't see an A-2 as flight jacket, just a brown leather jacket... sad but true. But if you're buying your jacket because of what you hope someone else might see, then don't. Buy it because you're going to enjoy it. To be blunt you'll be a long time dead and now, as far as we know, is anyone's chance to enjoy so folk make your jacket choice!

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You can have a ride in "Just Jane" at East Kirkby in the UK. Very expensive thrill :cool:
... and I did just that last October with a mate who's into Lanc's too. A bit warm on the day for the Polden Sheepskins RAF jacket but had to be done. Completely excellent day, a great "taxi" * experience with the knowledgeable and friendly team at East Kirkby and very sensible proper steak pie for lunch too. That's where this idea started.
IMG_1327 (1).jpeg

*maybe even better than one with London Cabbie if I push the cheeky button ? ;)