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A 2 Monarch Size 42


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This jacket is not from ELC. I had ordered it 0,75 inch longer in the body and i think that was a mistake. I agree saucerfiend........it could be a little bit shorter.
When i wear the jacket, the jacket falls like that.

I hope you understand my english.

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I understand just fine, my friend. No offense meant in my post, BTW. But, I for one, understand when a jacket's length is too much. I struggle with that all the time.
I didn't know anyone else made that Monarch with the inside pockets.

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I see absolutely nothing wrong with the fit-I’d be perfectly happy with that, and personally I would say anything smaller would be too tight. As the boys have said, it’s easy to get too wrapped up in the fit. An inch here or an inch there is not the end of the World. The sleeves will ride up a bit as they crease with wear- I actually think they look daft if they don’t tunnel a bit. Give it Hell and enjoy it.


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Agree with all.
Do you have the inside pockets like on the ELC?
Who did that for you?...Would be great to see the inside/liner please.
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Hey Simpli666, I'm in total agreement with most here in that I think it's pretty much spot on fit, sitting on waist well, shoulder seams look correct and don't droop down the arm! Just wear it a lot but, I think the look might be better if you don't pull the zip too high, rarely do you see that even on WWII pics and personally I would unsnap the collar as it does appear to be pulling a little across you upper chest although again, that's probably due to how high up you've zipped the jacket!! Whether or not you un-snap the collar has been much debated here in the past, again most pics of originals tend to be undone although of course not all and personal preference!!!


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Sehr Gut!
It looks like a good fit. The sleeves will become shorter as you wear this jacket over time. The leather will wrinkle and crease and you will lose some of the length.