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A 2 Monarch Size 42


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The jacket fits nice body wise. But, typical Eastman product... too long in the body and sleeve lengths. They won't offer shorter lengths, only longer and extra longer. They're ridiculous.


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This jacket is not from ELC. I had ordered it 0,75 inch longer in the body and i think that was a mistake. I agree saucerfiend........it could be a little bit shorter.
When i wear the jacket, the jacket falls like that.

I hope you understand my english.

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Nothing wrong with it, the fit is fine.

Just wear the hell out of it and stop thinking about it. Also don't "baby" it. Wear it in the rain, carry some firewood whilst wearing it, and throw it in a corner when you take it off. The worst thing you can do is worry too much about it, and start doing things like laying it out carefully when you're not wearing it, etc, etc. These things looks better the more you wear them and the less you worry about them.

There's a reason why the A-2s in WWII period photos look so good and that's because the guys wearing them didn't give a shit about them. They just wore them hard.


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Indeed. They made do with what they were issued or could swap with their mates. The more you wear it the better it will be. Over analysing this stuff is self defeating. Check just a few of the thousands of period photos and you will see that there was no standard fit. Yours is fine.


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There's some slight tunnelling on the sleeves but that's normal! I am tunnelling on most of my jackets. Yours looks great on you, don't worry so much about it!