WW2 original color photos

Paul Glover

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Yeah, it gives me a more realistic picture of what it would have been like at the time rather than seeing the pristine war birds of today, a bit like an origional jacket with patina that cant be replicated!.
That being said I do appreciate both sides of the coin.


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I agree...
I would love that on a WWII plane in flying condition, they try to reproduce the patina, the dirt, the wear,...
It would look incredible!


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Does anyone know how to identify the watch in this photo ?
It doesn't look like a Hanhart or Tutima chronograph.
@Pilot ?

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Most probably one of these here...
Called “ Dienstuhr “ service watch issued..( and IDed).
Were issued to most of the German WW2 officers.
Most probably a Zenith, Minerva, Helvetia, Silvana or Mimo...
These were of better manufacture and so
for Luftwaffe officers. Most had Swiss movements ( yes Swiss ! from 1936-1944)
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Yes thanks Pilot, that's probably it.
But I thought these watches (with the D engraved on the back of the case) were only for the luftwaffe staff on the ground. Not for the pilots.