WPG broken zipper

Discussion in 'How To Info' started by FlyingYankee, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. FlyingYankee

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    Anyone know how to fix this or can provide me with a new zipper pull?
  2. Silver Surfer

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    irvin? looks to me like there was bar brazed on the puller to hold the puller tab, and it broke off. rebraze? doubt that the effort is worth it, even if ya have the broken piece. have ya contacted wpg for a new puller? replacing a puller is easy. having them send ya a puller, is a lot cheaper then you sending them the jac for them to repair. shipping would run $40+ returned with insurance. you can check out ebay uk for irvin pullers, as they do show up. dr roughwear may be able to help also.
  3. Falcon_52

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    Iowa, U.S.A.
    Another option for a quick repair is to visit a local fabric store. They are likely to sell many varieties of zippers and you should be able to find one that has a slider that is the right size. I have done this a couple of times.

    You can pop the top stopper bar off of the new zipper tape to remove the slider, then do the same with the old zipper tape to remove the broken slider. Slip the new slider on the old tape and replace the stopper bar and your are done.


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