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Where is Smithy ?


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I had PMed him a while back and he indicated that he had focused in on some other interests. but that he planned to drop in from time to time. He’s definitely one of the good guys who has a considerable amount of knowledge of WWI and WWII aviation history . I hope he changes his mind .


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He has not been around for a while any one know why .

Hi Jeff,

Burt is close to why I've slipped away a bit. I'm not here as much now mostly because I'm not after anymore leather jackets now, military or otherwise, or actually any military jackets fullstop.

Leather jackets were never my first love, aviation history is and flying jackets were always just an expression of that love. I've kind of reached that point where I have no urge to buy anymore, what I have is enough for me and I'd rather just wear what I have. I noticed my interest in leather/flying jackets (or rather my urge to buy the things) was seriously fading from the end of last year. The last jacket I actually bought was a tailor made tweed hacking jacket, which I paid an arm and a leg for and which I was surprised to discover I find infinitely more satisfying and situation appropriate than any of my leather stuff. I absolutely love it.

For knocking around, casual stuff I also find I'm wearing a waxed cotton jacket that I got from Speedwear more than most of my flying jackets when it comes to just something to throw on in this climate. It's got loads of pockets, it's waterproof, and it's bloody comfortable. The most practical jacket I've owned, better than my old Barbour.

In terms of fora I'm really only on some very specialised aviation history sites and one or two scale modelling sites now. I'll stop by here and say hello from time to time but for me the leather/military jacket itch has completely faded now.




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Glad you’re still out there Smithers! Although I still haven’t broken the habit of looking in here several times a day, flight jackets aren’t the priority they once were in my life, either. I can’t see me saving up for a new one-tbh most of the ones I did have were bought on credit cards, and I don’t do that any more. I like to keep my eye out for used bargains though. It’s true there are actually more practical, usable jackets to be found than 1930’s era designs. There is more than life than jackets, believe it or not. Don’t be a stranger.