We got still got the blues for you....



Let me know when I can get some samples...
You know the situation with samples is difficult. If I sent you 10 numbered samples and you think no 3 is the best that may be the worst for someone else as if I send the same 10 to someone else he may choose no 6 and then someone else no 9 etc.

Then tell me which color should we produce because obviously it is not very wise or cost effective to have 3 or more different blues.

You got to trust the maker to select what would be the best color for this jacket.
Then you can collect samples from each maker and make your choice.

All the samples I got here are great so I m not yet convinced that petrolio is the best for this and imagine I have the actual sample in my hands. All the others are based on Andy's photo and you personally know how hard is to capture these colors with the camera.