Vintameri HBT’s

Officer Dibley

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Posted about the trousers i got last year in another thread.
Today i received a P-44 shirt / jacket.
Below are pics.
I’ve also show it with an original i’ve had for 30+ years.
I think it compares favorably with BR and for a third of the price. Originals are getting very expensive.
It’s an xxl which fits my 46” chest nice and snug with a t-shirt under it. Probably close to a 40” original. My original is a 42” and is looser on me by a couple of inches across the chest.
The trousers are a more modern fit on the hips but lovely. As much liberty as taken by Steve McQueen’s chinos in “The Great Escape”.


Officer Dibley

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A quality product Burt and a change from ATF, WWii Impresssions, SM Wholesale etc who whilst they make good stuff, don’t always have all their products available. And you get stung for shipping & import tax. The top cost me £68 with shipping and no import taxes. Good considerations for the Non-CONUS based of us.
And the trousers are perfect for those of us who don’t want out belts up under our armpits ;)


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Actually that’s one of the best prices Ive heard about for those HBTs, and I’m in complete agreement on the import fees for stuff coming from the US. You guys get hammered in fees for stuff coming from over here.
Nice find!!
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