To condition or not


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Me too. I'm sold on Pecard's, but I need to know if I should use the water based or petroleum based. Which will cause the least discoloration of my jacket?


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For an original, the advice I’ve heard is to avoid any of the leather conditioners out there and just give it a VERY light coat of basic Vaseline. I’ve done this myself on multiple vintage jackets and it’s always turned out well.

What you do is rub a little bit of Vaseline between your fingers so that your fingers are greased, but not slathered in it, and then massage the jacket. The less you use, the better. You can always do another coat.


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I agree on Pecard's Antique Leather Dressing. Over the past twenty years collecting vintage it's done wonders for me on civi jackets, A-2's, M422a's and Irvins. The trick is to use sparingly.
How do you apply the stuff Grant? With a cloth or brush, then a cloth?

Now and again I will use an Oakwood Leather Wipe on the BR jackets if and when they get a bit creakey. That is all I have ever done. I do have some Kiwi Lanolin in a tube but it darkened the stitching on my Ford seats... So won't use it on a jacket. That is my fear, that the stitching will somehow blend into the jacket in certain areas.

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I use my fingers gently rubbing it into areas of the jacket a little at a time. Afterwards, leave the jacket sitting in a warm room for a day or two. Afterwards, take a clean all cotton cloth and gently wipe off any excess. The secret is to use as little dressing as possible - a little goes a long way.