Swedish M1909 sheepskin army coat

A monster of a coat and originals can still be found in amazing condition for reasonable prices. I have a huge XXL version that weighs a ton gets some use in the winter when I am out with the kids (I live in northern Scandinavia).

Construction is insane, think a couple of longhaired sheep pelts sewn into a very heavy canvas shell (sleeves are lined in quilt). There is a label inside boasting that is treated with some kind of insecticide and at it must be good stuff because it’s flawless. I think this is the coat that they based Bane’s one on from Batman. A good write up from this guy here: https://sanjindumisic.com/swedish-m1909-livpals-army-field-coat-the-warmest-vintage-winter-wear/


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I remember when a Bunch of those coats showed up in nyc in about 1969? I knew a guy who had one in white. Seems that some army-navy import export got a load of them and they went out to local army navy retail stores at that time.


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The white one is pretty cool, if I remember it’s just sheepskin without the canvas shell. A hipster guy in my town wears one as his main coat. Not this guy but still cool.View attachment 43470
That's Douglas from SECOND SUNRISE in Stockholm...great guy, very friendly, profound knowledge of denim, always up for a chat! Go there if you ever have the chance to come to Stockholm!
Oh god I remember a store in Sydney had quite afew of these in the early 00's......how they ended up.here was beyond me....but the store had a ton of other Swedish and Finnish gear (I still have two ammo belts...two backpacks, Finn and Swed fur hats....jackets and pants and a strange leather sheepskin lined coat that I tried to unfold to oil it up)