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Stenciled A-3 cap

Greg Gale

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Encouraged by the great job Smithy did on his jacket I took a leap and stenciled my DeBrabander A-3 cap. I expected it to be shabby, but hey, it's a field mod. To my surprise it turned out much better than expected. I couldn't be happier with the result! :)

Many thanks Smithy for all the help and info! ;)

This is my first try at cutting the stencil. Then Smithy enlightened me that a) I need to do a cleaner job with the cutting, b) the Eagle Squadrons didn't use the "th" like the rest of the USAAF, and right he was, and c) it's SQN, not SQD. (So the ELC bags are incorrect it seems)


WIP, dry brushing


The result:

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I always liked the originals where they had their home state or town stenciled under the bill.