Star 55-J-14

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by Geeboo, May 29, 2018.

  1. Geeboo

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    Just acquired this original 55-J-14. without cuffs. lining is intact, original conmar - half broken - male side half missing; female zipper bo 55J14_6.jpg x & zipper pull still there. mouton collar has some missed spot. Fairly good label.
    Should be an interesting project to work with. I like its shorter cut - suit more for a shorter guy like me

    Opinions wanted -- would you add patches ?

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  2. Skip

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    no I wouldn't, not on an original, if its in reasonable condition and just needs some knits, mouton etc. But if its totally trashed and you have to replace some leather panels, which in that case your pretty much making up a new one anyway, then sky's the limit. But then up to you its your jacket.

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