Show Us Your Bill Kelso A2 and Platon DuBow Jackets.


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First off thanks to all who participated and showed us their vintage Good Wear Leather A2 jackets. Most if not all of those jackets were pretty cool and a few of them could easily pass for originals. One of the nice things about these “Show Us” threads, is that once we post a few examples of different makers jackets shown after a few years of use, the threads can then be used as a photo spread for some of you guys looking to purchase your next A2, but are having a tough time trying to decide which repro makers jackets you like the best. That’s the thought behind this, so hopefully it may serve some of you in the future. So this “Show Us” thread is for you guys who own BK A2’s and Platon DuBows . Unfortunately, I don’t own one of those makers jackets, but hopefully some of you who do will post some photos of yours. Hell, what else do we have to do on a lazy Pandemic Sunday afternoon or evening;)
So , we are looking forward to seeing some of your jackets.

EDIT : Because BK and Platon DuBows are relatively new entries in the A2 market , let’s remove the “Vintage” from this thread, and simply say post em if you’ve got em.
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1941 Werber... 'Ultra' Vintage Victory horsehide...


Glad we have the forum. I could not find the pics on my desktop or my hard drives.. ??


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Great to see ya, Jeremiah! Those jackets are aging beautifully. Are they part of your hiking kit?