Show me your caps!


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Caps are a weird thing. Sometimes during trips you buy them, wear them .... then they go away ... sometimes they get lost. I remember once I bought in Arizona a cute cap with the Route 66 logo, wore it while I was there and flew with it little, and remember that it returned home with me but since then I have never seen it :D .

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Hello sir, may i ask a couple of detailed photos of that M43, if I'm not bothering. Thanks in advance, Kris
Sadly it's bigger than that mate. Might just give it to my father-in-law, he was asking about it the other day and a woollen cap is quite a useful thing for when you're up in the mountains or tramping around here.


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Anyone know where I could find a high quality USAAF crusher? I’m surprised Eastman doesn’t sell them, or any of the other A2 brands..


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So did I! They are working on a big project at the moment, so they are kinda busy, but I'll get back in touch with them once they are done :cool: