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    I have admired photos of Real McCoy’s Steinbeck since the jacket was released last year, but I have repeatedly balked at buying one because I own the Real McCoy Oklahoma and the two jackets are the identical cut/design. The only different between the jackets is the hide – the Oklahoma is deerskin and the Steinbeck is horsehide. I have two Himel Canucks, but I rationalized that duplication because one is brown and one is black. The Oklahoma and Steinbeck are both black, which made the duplicative design more concerning based solely on photos.

    Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see the Steinbeck in person (at Inspiration). It only took a few seconds for my duplicative design concerns to fly out the window. Notwithstanding the duplicative design, the Steinbeck and the Oklahoma have a very different character and appearance. The deerskin and the Shinki HH are profoundly different in character, grain, texture and feel – they are also meaningfully different shades of black (don’t go there) – the Shinki HH is darker than the deerskin. The significant differences in the hides creates a very different look to the jackets. The Oklahoma is more relaxed/casual, where as the Steinbeck has more of a moto look/feel to it.

    What really sold me on the Steinbeck is the particular Shinki HH used for this jacket. I have two other black Shinki jackets and, while both have wonderful grain and character, the black Shinki on the Steinbeck is even better. It is amazing – the best black Shinki I personally have ever seen – right up there with the brown Shinki on my Good Wear Imperial. The Steinbeck Shinki is tea core, where as my other two black Shinkis are black all the way through – I wonder if that makes a difference in terms of the character of the hide?

    The sleeves have creases where they were folded during transport. I would like to remove the creases. What is the best way to remove creases in leather without damaging the leather? Thanks in advance.



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    You could try a little bit of water on the creased areas and then lay it flat (or wear it until dry). They should work themselves out.

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    Very sharp looking jacket that fits you perfectly! :cool:
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    Very nice. I too agree with a little water, then perhaps place a heavy object on it to help flatten out.
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    Hey is that a Talon Zip.....?:D

    Just when I thought you could not beat the Oklahoma.... whew!! I like the Steinbeck WAY more, certainly more moto. HH really smarts up the jacket.

    Apply light water and wear it, got the creases out of my Hartmann that way.

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