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RAAF "wallaby airlines" patch


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"Wallaby airlines" was the popular name for Royal Australian Air Force Transport Flight Vietnam (RTFV), which was renamed No. 35 Squadron on 1 June 1966 at Vung Tau in South Vietnam. The name referred to its radio callsign "Wallaby", Wallaby airlines flew twin-engined DHC-4 Caribous and were active in Vietnam from 1964 to 1972, They where assigned to the 834th Air Division, Seventh Air Force
They conducted general transport duties along with dropping paratroops and Special Air Service (SAS) missions in a “hot” battlefield environment. They could carry anything from troops and battlefield medical evacuees to general supplies, the mail, Vietnamese family evacuees, livestock, equipment and even the occasional USO performing troop!
The squadron developed a good reputation among the US air commanders as an efficient and effective unit, achieving a record that prompted US commanders to send personnel to the squadron to study their techniques

Two DHC-4 aircraft were allocated for support duties of the special forces based at Nha Trang and Da Nang. This was dangerous work after October 1964 as they often came under enemy ground fire near these bases and both aircrew and passengers suffered injuries.
Between late 1964 and January 1965 the DHC-4 aircraft were also used as night-time pathfinders. They would drop flares over target areas to illuminate them for USAF attack aircraft but this proved very dangerous work as the slow DHC-4 was vulnerable to enemy anti-aircraft guns.
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