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R.I.P. Richard Cole


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The last Doolittle Raider has died. Richard Cole has passed away at the age of 103 years old. Cole was General Doolittle’s Co-pilot in the lead plane to take off, on their raid to bomb Tokyo in 1942. All of the Doolittle Raider Goblets are now in their final resting position turned upside down . Rest In Peace Richard Cole.


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Wow. I really wonder who among us today realize the emotional impact of the Doolittle Raiders had on the US and, more importantly, why they had to exist at all. Reading Keegan’s book on The First World War or Shirer’s book on The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich the beginnings of both books look eerily similar to today. From the story of Nosferatu I took out the sad story of someone wanting to do better and finding they always made the same mistakes (all too human). Fortunately, a few heroes do come and show us how to do better. We will miss these heroes.


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I had the opportunity to meet Dick Cole at an airshow in Atlanta. At that time he was 100 years old but recalled the Tokyo mission like it was yesterday.
He also spoke about flying missions over "the hump" in the CBI theater. He was gracious and patiently answered questions although it was a steamy late summer day.
I feel fortunate to have met him and many other WW2 vets. RIP to all these heroes from a grateful free world.


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What a pity and very sad news... the last one left us. Great pilot and Great man.
I had the honor to meet him in Dayton, I'll always keep his autograph he made on the B-25's photo.
Eternal flight to you, Dick!


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Literally just read this sad news on BBC's website here in UK with a nice pic of him in front of a B25 wearing his A2 - good that he lived to grand old age. Lest we forget his like. RIP.