Protecting your reputation???


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A quality repro jacket maker does a little public relations on Facebook.

Said maker posted a nice-looking capeskin 37J1 jacket.
A commenter asked: "What is capeskin?"
The answering comment, the first you see, came from me.
The maker responded it was "incorrect."
He has not answered my request to help improve it.



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He says he needs to go thru his reference books and write something up.
In other words, I am incorrect but he either doesn't know why or doesn't want me to know.


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No good deed goes unpunished.... this should teach you a lesson about trying to be helpful.

But why get bent out of shape ? Delete your original post - or not - and move on. This arguing on the internet is pointless & no good for your blood pressure.
My nights of waking up stressed are over. The potential for it to occur is proportionate to the number of 'fucks given.
Very wise words.



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My goodness,:oops: the language in here is quite appalling these days, I may have to write a formal letter of complaint to someone in authority!!


So many folks seem to get a rush fighting virtual battles over the most pathetic things that in reality are totally irrelevant out in the big wide world.

Now how many stitches per inch should I be seeing on a ......


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I can’t help feeling that in amongst all the poor diplomacy and hyperbole there is buried something of interest in Julius / BK’s posture.

Here is airfrogusmc’s amazing GW A-1 from a decade or so ago with plenty of that ribbleness or whatever he called it. No other repro A-1 I’ve seen, other than in vintage pics, seems to have the same sort of marks.



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BK sez he made, and sold, one cape jacket of the type shown and isn't planning to make more because even 2 or 3 wouldn't begin to recoup his costs.

So why make one? Did he have no other way to cost it out? Hard to believe, given his experience.


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The exchange is not keeping me up nights (thanks for your concern tho, Micawber). But it does signal a particularly obnoxious type of personality...let's call him The Foremost Authority.

The F.A. insists knowledge must not be shared by just anyone. The right to do so must be earned by countless hours of doing the thing hands on, or at the very least, reading books that are obscure, out of print, and - THIS IS IMPORTANT - not on the internet.

The F.A. need not school lesser men - indeed, it would betray his hard work to do so. He need only put them in their place.

Most of us can understand that there are degrees of knowledge, applicable to any field of endeavor. The other extreme from the F.A., who is an experienced doer and has read all the dope the rest don't know about, is The False Authority (F.A.2, I guess...the Foremost henceforth being F.A.1).

The F.A.2 is the all too common online tyro who's picked up a point or 2 from who knows where (probably from someone else's posting) and repeats them flatly, as if they just know somehow - the way you know that the sun sets in the west, or that FlexSeal will work great for about 20 minutes and then fall off like the leaves in autumn.

The difference between F.A.1 and most of us is that to him, in his field, there are no degrees of knowledge. You're either on his level - or you're just another F.A.2. One drop of misinformation spoils one's reputation. (Unless, of course, one has the credentials to bluff.)
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