Peaky Blinders cap


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Here are my two favourites- they have a tendency to shrink slightly after being out in the rain but Ive just bought an excellent and cheap hat stretcher - a ‘Cowboy’ brand.
The Linney is more compact and is made from a variety of Harris Tweed sections but the Olney is on a bigger scale and is much more ‘Peaky Blinders’



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Did anyone else get they're black socks sown up to make black pudding coshes?

Sorry, way of topic ;)

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Wow, i bet he never thought of doing a 10 minute search on the internet. You are a genius !!
Shame you can't do like the rest of us and give advice based on actual experience....
You have a spiteful negative attitude ,I for one will be glad when you leave . You always have one asshole on a forum and your it Officer Dribble .

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