Original A-2 Wear Out Date?

Ed Rooney

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When the military wants to eliminate the wear of a certain uniform item, it creates a “Wear-out Date”, usually posted in the updated uniform regulation, such as AR 670-1 in the Army. For instance the wear out date for the Battle Dress Uniform was in 2008. Its successor, the ACU, had a date of 1 October 2019.

We alone that Hap Arnold canceled the A-2 in 1943. They were issued through the rest of the war, and even after the war in limited quantities. It was worn during the Korean War, and apparently for a few years after. I thought I read somewhere that they were seen on USAF airmen as late as 1958, but I can’t confirm that. I wonder if the AF ever set a hard wear out date for the A-2.


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Back in WWII, they did not have a date when an item was to no longer be worn. Items became "Limited standard" or "Substitute standard" in classification. If it was still deemed serviceable, it was kept in use. But the widespread issue of an item was shifted to the newer replacement of said item.

And in the case of officers, they had more leniency to wear what they wanted, if it conformed to regulations.