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    Hi All,

    Lately, I've been busying myself with projects & have another Monarch half belt just completed. In this case the jacket is an earlier model half belt than the one I previously posted This particular model is what I like to refer as Monarch's 1st generation of jacket. Moreover, it was among this makes 1st jackets to use a zipper for closure.

    When first received this jacket was a basket case. All highly modified with irreversible damage to it's back panel. That damage had obviously resulted from an motor cycle accident. This half belt was originally chocolate brown that had been dyed black at a later date. In addition it sported a cut down Cafe' Racer style collar and all belts had been removed. Well before I got my hands on it.

    Unfortunately, I did not get many before pix of this same half belt jacket. But have one seen with another one of my pending (chocolate brown colored Monarch) projects as seen below.


    This half belt Monarch jacket had very thick hide from it's conception. Thus making it surprisingly heavy. When worn it actually feels like armor. Because of that thick horse hide it no doubt saved that original owner many layers of skin.

    Now completely rebuilt by me with every conceivable bell & whistle I could possibly muster. Above all , tailor made to my frame & a welcome addition to my collection.






    As an aside, generally when I restore a jacket I inevitably find something hidden within. More often than not it is loose change or old ticket stubs. However, in this case I found several unfired bullets.

    During it's construction I kept those bullets in mind & made sure it could carry.


    Cheers, Dave
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    Beautiful jacket Dave, the leather is just fantastic. In a few decades it will be considered an original unfortunately... You should put a marker somewhere that it is a reproduction.
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    Outstanding jacket. Worth the effort.

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