Nylon and Mouton


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Has anyone seen a CWU/45 style jacket with a mouton B15 style collar? I have never seen one and I saw something the other day that made me wonder if anyone had made a modern take on a B10/B15. I think it would look pretty cool


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Pretty sure if they exist they are customized jackets but hey... anything’s possible:D


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Fairly sure the US military never issued anything like that. I think the last fur-collared cloth jackets were the B-15’s, and they got rid of the collar because it interfered with the helmet, replacing them with the B-15 (mod) and subsequently the MA-1. There was a separate hood for the CWU 45/P, which I guess must be made of some sort of Nomex fur, so I guess it exists, but I don’t know of any CWU’s with fur collars. Wouldn’t surprise me if somebody like Schott or Avirex had knocked up such a thing though.