New to the forum and trying to work out the history of my old jacket.

Jimmy Smith

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Glad to be here, this looks like a great forum! I recently had a lucky find in this old jacket. I have been looking for an old A2 type jacket for some while and this one came up cheap on eBay. It’s much nicer and older than the photos suggested so I’m wondering what I have? It looks like an old A2 and it has a lot number on the inside of one of the front pockets. The lining was originally a brown cotton type material as can be seen on the underside of the front pockets. There is still some remnants of the original lining at the cuffs also. What is confusing is the lining in place now is well done and I can see where a label would have been. Also the throat clasps have been installed over the top of the new lining? The jacket had a lovely patina and looks as though it may have been re-dyed years ago. I figure the lot number seems to be low at 780 as I guess they must have made loads of these jackets? Again I’m new to the world of old jackets. I’ve tried to take photos to describe it and any clues as to what I have would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to spending some time here and learning about these great old jackets.
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Looking at the collar, back yoke style, and zipper, I would guess the latter 1940's. From what I can see, the lining appears original. I'm not sure how much you may know about A-2's, but wartime issued military A-2 jackets will have single-piece backs, and two-piece arm construction. I wish I could find a nice civilian jacket like yours for a good price in my size. They're getting more difficult to find as the years go by.

Jimmy Smith

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to look. I know very little other than what I’ve read up on recently. I did look the zipper up and from what I found out it dated as late 1930s to mod 40s. The lining I found confusing as it was definitely a mid brown originally as there are bits of it left but the lining in it now is well done and has the throat clasps installed over the top....all a bit of a mystery. We’re these jackets ever refinished by manufacturers?

Jimmy Smith

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Definitely a re-line in my are some more photos which might help. You can see the remnants of the old brown lining at the cuffs and the waist of the jacket. I’ve also photographed the throat clasp install over the newer lining which is the confusing bit as well as the inside of the pocket flaps which still have the original lining in contrast to the quilted liner.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Now you've added these picture it's obvious, yes relined.
Strange to see a re-lining done with none of the usual stray stitching on the leather side, suggesting a skilled machinist yet done without bothering to spend the extra 10 minutes removing all rotten the old liner or bagging the new lining in by machine
The throat latch was obviously done after the reline, probably in an attemp to get closer to an issue A-2
Very nice jacket, rare to find one from that early post war era without handwarmers