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New Real Deal Aero A2

Happy Hooligan

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So after getting my son his first new A2 in 16 years, I decided to get my first new A2 in almost 20 years. I liked his Real Deal so much I went and got myself one. I had to have the sleeves shortened once I got it, but I think I'm pretty happy with the fit. The jacket replaces my old Anniversary A2 from Aero back around 2000 or so. I wanted to have the cuffs fit extended and not rolled like my other one so I'm getting use to that. This one is also a bit shorter in body than my old one, but it was a 46 and this is a 44. I'm also about 25 pounds lighter than I was in 2000. I love the hide so much better than my old one. And the cut is much better. I'm hoping this get really, really jerky as the years go by.
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