New mouton collar

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Finally got around to replacing the dynal collar on my original 1977 issue G-1 (7823E) with real mouton. I went up on the Bay and found a used mouton jacket of unknown vintage that looked like it would fit the bill. It was hard to tell from the pics but it looked like the desirable honey rust color of the earlier G1's. I was delighted when it arrived and it was exactly the right color. Took it to a local leather shop here in VA and the results are below. I am quite happy with it. Fun project and not too pricey all considered. First pic is original collar.



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Looks great. Been meaning to get my Dynel-collared G-1 done for years. Despite not being goat, it has the best leather of any of the many, earlier G-1’s.

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Any chance you want to sell the remains of the jacket?
Heck I'd give it to you if I could Bill. I don't really want to mess around with shipping it though. I'm in nothern VA, USA if you happen to be close. Or do what I did, just do a search on the Bay for "mouton jacket" and I bet one comes up.


Not quite sure. Going to check it out.
Appreciate any thoughts on the look.
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