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New in Box 5-Star size 48-Long


Wrong size for me: new in box and still tagged wool and seal brown goatskin (sleeves and trim) jacket.

EBay: 204706812896


Chest = 54.3"
Hem = 50"
Shoulder = 20.5"
Sleeves = 28.2"
Back Length = 29.5


Very interesting. I wonder where they got the idea for this one?
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Yeah, definitely ELC-inspired. That said, the Flying Instructor's jackets is one of those jackets that I like and would wear, but I don't love it enough to pay Eastman (or Good Wear, or RMC, etc.) prices for it. It's a neat design, and I hope Gary has sold a lot of them, but, were I in the market for one, I'd be looking at budget options like blaze was.


I customized the following FiveStar design - by including seal brown goatskin.



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I can’t ever remember seeing old photos of any flight personnel, civilian or military wearing one of these jackets or anything similar to it . I guess it was supposed to have been featured in whatever “Thunderbird Field” was … a movie ???
but the only movie close to that name is “ Thunderbirds “ a 1942 film.

Edit : decided to watch it … lots of flight jackets and vintage aircraft all real film no CGI stuff. The A2’s were all Hollywood repros because in 1942 there were no surplus jackets . Plot sucked
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