My new ELC Werber 1729

Discussion in 'Repros' started by Wright Field, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Chris217

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    Augusta, Georgia
    I've been thinking about getting a Weber..How I love these early contract A-2's!
  2. Geeboo

    Geeboo Well-Known Member

    In vintage collecting: car, amplifier, speakers, watch, pen, camera, the earlier/ the earliest is ALWAYS better.:)
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  3. 33-1729

    33-1729 Active Member

    Congratulations on your Werber 33-1729. I'm a fan too.

    I bought one of the first ones from ELC and have found simply wearing it does the trick of breaking it in (just like the originals). I don't go out in the rain, though some suggest it. As for conditioning I go by feel rather than by time and, so far, have only conditioned it once in the past decade even though I live in the high desert.

    The sleeves pulled up slightly with wear, about a half an inch, making it a better fit for me. It takes a good while for the horsehide to break-in, but then people are wearing those from WWII today. My advice is to not rush the aging. Take your time and enjoy it.
  4. zoomer

    zoomer Well-Known Member

    Gerbracht Aeronautic Corp.
    I just wish the collar and waistband were deeper. That’s what happens when you copy one original, in one size, without looking at all the photos you can and using a little horse(hide) sense. But! I am a big guy and it’s still my all-time favorite A-2!

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