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Today, I finally was able to track down my neighbor, who had promised to show me his original A-2 jackets.

Here's a small sample...

Size 42 Star Sportswear, in good knick, named.

Size 50 (approx) unlabeled, in troubled knick, rarely worn but he was gracious to let me take some pics. Condition aside, probably rare!



And a Roughwear B-15. Sorry for the bad pic.


Stay well everyone!
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It was a treat. The guy is really kind; has been collecting for about 20 years. His dad flew with the Chinese Nationalist AF in WWII.

Next time I see him (post Corona if I can contain myself) I'll be sure to get the names on the jackets. He also has a B-3, M-69, several 22as.

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always a pleasure to see damn near any condition, as they seem to beso much harder and harder to come by. personal comment? i just dont see bugs bunny as a grim reaper,,,,unless its about reaping carrots. dat wascally wabbit