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J. Crew now making a civillian version of a C2 sweatshirt?? (Sorta)


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I've been on the look-out for some appropriate sweaters to wear under an A-2 this winter. So far, found a new Pike Bros. C-2, and an RRL C-2. Both for a bit under 1/2 the price of new ones at retail.

The J. Crew looks the part, but the sleeve seams are wrong for wearing comfortably under an A-2. The original C-2 design had 'raglan' sleeves, which worked better when worn under a jacket. Pocket design / placement must be taken into consideration as well. They can really 'bunch-up', and 'bulk-out' the belly of the jacket. The C-2 is designed with the small patch pocket which works well to prevent that.

The J. Crew does look to be a nice sweater regardless. Thanks for posting it. :)
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