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I have just received an email from Platon. he wrote that business is going back on track. he also wrote that each and every email sent to ja dubow will be answered post haste in order received. I do not know if this pertains to only ja dubow or to bill Kelso as well. I expect that ja dubow will begin working up a reproduction of the first dubow contract w353ac 2090 42-1403-p to be available a later in the year.


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Cool. The first Dubow contract was W535ac 20960. This contract used the M-40 and M-41 bright nickel Crown zips, so hopefully he'll be able to source some. Gary points out in his book that Mr Dubow submitted a sample jacket from this contract without a collar stand. A minority of jackets were made for this contract without collar stands which is kinda interesting if you're a nerd like me. I hope Platon emulates the wider straight epaulets characteristic to Dubow. My only nit on his current Dubow is the slightly too narrow epaulets.


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Great! Keeping the faith that Platon can maneuver through these unusual times. Looking forward to receiving A-2.
Wish I had ordered when I first got in touch with Platon. Line and backlog will be massive now...

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Did jag a cracker Buzz Rickson Aero and the GW Perry again in the interim.. Ain't all bad I suppose..


When I ordered, I was thinking it could take longer to receive, because of unknowns with the pandemic. My first A-2, so everyone on VLJ have been so helpful in me deciding to order.