Is anyone looking for a ???????????


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Hey guys .
Today I took a trip to a local Army &Navy Surplus Store not too far from the house . Just for clarification this is a real old time A&N Surplus Store, not a camping supply or a make believe A&N Store selling new repro items . Since I live fairly close to Jacksonville Naval Air Station, there are a couple of surplus shops in the area. I try and visit this one about once a month, just to see if I can find some new toys. (Jackets ) . As I walked through the store there were a few nylon and a few G-1 jackets that were small and not my size but nothing of interest for me . After I left the shop and I was driving home, it occurred to me that I might have missed a great opportunity to help out someone other than myself. I thought about the possibility of having a thread, for the sake of discussion, let’s just call it, Is anyone looking for a ?? ( supply a jacket or item). In this thread you could list something you might see that might be of interest to someone who either can’t find an item or wouldn’t have access to a jacket or other item . For instance, G-1 jackets are still fairly easy to find in various sizes here in the US … but …. Probably not as easy to find in the UK or Norway . So the next time I went to the A&N surplus store instead of just by passing G-1s that don’t fit me , I’d make a quick list of the sizes available and then post a thread “ Is anyone looking for USN G-1s in the following sizes at the following prices . In that way I might help out another VLJ member somewhere . The same is true from the other side of the pond . Original RAF jackets and kit is difficult or impossible to find here in the US. So if one of the UK guys happens to see some jackets or kit that doesn’t fit him, instead of passing it by, he might take some notes and then post a … “ Is anyone looking for a “ thread and help out the US guys . If it sounds interesting and possible let’s discuss it. Your thoughts ??


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A very generous offer, Burt, and a great way for the folks on the VLJ to pool their resources. Thanks for posting this! Personally, I'm on the lookout for a pair of aviator sunglasses.
Are you looking for vintage ones from WWII or current issue American Optical ones?


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Probably more current issue, since I've got a bigger head than most people had back then, and honestly, I'd rather be able to just throw them on without worrying about them.


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Damn fine idea, Burt. Postage has become expensive to the UK from the US (I haven’t bought anything from there for years), but I guess if the item is cheaper in the first place, it can offset the postage cost somewhat.
I got a pair of AO sunglasses in Oxfam years ago, for £2.99. My wife nicked them and still wears them.

Mr. Mike

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That is a really cool idea! Thanks a lot for taking care for us scattered all over the place :eek:). Similarly like Brett just wrote I was considering one Navy example for my collection for quite some time (originally thinking of an M-422A though which is most probably far beyond their range of stock but you'll never know).


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All about it. Unfortunately all the "AnN" stores around me are camping supply shops.

Friedman’s in Nashville was a great place about30 yrs ago, sadly, they have gone the “ camping world“ route. I always wanted their neon sign...



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What an excellent idea, Burt. Very generous and thoughtful of you, indeed!
Out of the 5 surplus stores near me only 1 is a good ol' fashioned one. I'd be happy to help anyone looking for Canadian kit.
If you see any G-1s in 36 and in good nick, please shoot me a message!


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Was seeking a brand new Criterion M1903 barrel to renew the new toy and get an edge on the competition. Tom got me well and truly sorted. Great American!

All you have to do is ask. A great VLJ member will step up and assist. Great idea Burt.