"Irvin" jacket. Is it ?

Discussion in 'Foreign Flight Jackets' started by John The Hat, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. John The Hat

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    I have sitting before me an "Irvin" flying jascket. And it looks a "wrong 'un" to me. :D

    There are NO vent eyelets under the arms. The back of the collar is stitched "crosswise" not zigzag, and there is no band over the collar seam.. The neck strap is an eyelet & buckle type, not double "D" rings and is the wrong way round (Strap where buckle should be). All zips are Aero. The half belt loops look too wide & are sewn on rather than sewn in. There are two on the right hand side and one on the left. The belt its self looks like reversed cowhide. I would not have expected it to be shiny inside. The inside of the collare is similar, and the hanging loop MAY have been on the collar.Stitch length is very short. The back is a single pannel. Does anyone have any comments about this garment ? I will (if no-one objects) also post this information elsewhere.

    Pictures are here :

    http://www.bysonleather.co.uk/Odds & Sods.htm
  2. havocpaul

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    South London, UK
    Without seeing the jacket in full it is hard to tell what it is but all things considered it looks like a post-war 'civvie' jacket much in demand at the time (1950/60's) by bikers and the like. Any of the motorcycle magazines from the time have adverts for these type of jackets.
  3. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    Post war "Irvin" style jacket, made from inferior quality materials compared with Wartime issued Irvins. Commonly mistaken for Wartime RAF jackets by Ebay sellers.
  4. better duck

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    Groningen, Holland
    When I follow the link, I get a photo of an old BMW K 100 or 1100, not a leather jacket .....
  5. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    So do I Peter, but the description is enough to nail the jacket! One piece back, Aero zips etc=1950s utility civi "Irvin".
  6. Persimmon

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    Nottingham England

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