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Interesting chinese surplus, some really good gear


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$ 93
59 winter flight boots 3516 factory production in the 1980s
The 3516 factory is one of the oldest and largest leather-making footwear companies in China


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$ 57
65 paratrooper boots 3516 factory

3516 factory classic

65 paratrooper boots nickname "kick dead cow"

3516 factory classic shoes, retro models of 65 paratroopers.The shoe is nicknamed "Kicking the Cow" and is extremely strong and durable. With its retro and rough shape, the original ecological materials, good breathability and durability are deeply loved by the majority of military fans.
Pure hand-made, Goodyear structure, original ecological first layer cowhide, canvas, leather along the strip, leather bottom, wear-resistant outsole hand-on, short-face style, can be called a work of art, no loss of old beauty danner, red Wing and other tooling big names.​

A pair of 65 paratroopers in the 1960s and 1970s were even fired more than 1,000! Let many military shoes lovers who love 65 umbrellas out of reach.
A strong retro nostalgic style, a memory of an era, a pair of old umbrella boots, carrying the history and glory of the first generation of airborne troops.
Holding the red book, remembering the teachings of the old chairman, vaguely returned to the red age of that year.

The Chinese People's Army Airborne Force was established in August 1949. It is a unit of the same age as the Republic. It was small at the beginning of its establishment. The main force was the 3rd Regiment of the Kuomintang Army Paratroopers on April 15, 1949. In order to deal with the armed threats and other military threats of the Taiwan Kuomintang authorities to the mainland. On June 1, 1961, the Chinese airborne troops carried out a large-scale expansion. Because the 15th Army of the Chinese People's Army in the bloody battle against Gansu and the Megatron in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea was selected by the then Air Force Commander Liu Yalou, it was officially reorganized as the Chinese People's Army Airborne 15th Army. China’s airborne troops have been established for nearly 60 years today, from nothing to weak and strong. Walked through a difficult journey.

The war songs are like thunder, the motor roars, and the
heroic airborne soldiers go deep into the enemy's back. The
umbrellas are flashing silver, full of anger and hatred,
for the motherland as the people, and the
gods and soldiers descend to fight.
Insert the enemy's heart, cut off the head of the devil,
destroy the invaders, one does not stay,
hey, one does not stay. (The Song of Airborne Soldiers)

Veterans, now, you no longer have to lose the regrets of the pair of boots that you can't find again, because the 3516 factory made him born again! 100% keeps the original taste, or the feeling of the year!



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$ 10
59 Flying Sweater Pants
59 type kong army pilot sweater trousers suit, pure wool manufacturing, thick line weaving, authentic old goods, real solid wool, materials are not adulterated!


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80's authentic 3516 ship leather soles three nail shoes cadre high shoes high waist shoes

Just arrived at the 3516 factory old goods, leather bottom three-nail ship leather shoes, the material is made of the first layer of cowhide, the leather is delicate and soft. The inner sole of the shoe is a psoriasis base that absorbs sweat and deodorizes.The outer sole of the shoe is the top layer of leather toss the bottom, sweat and deodorant have athlete's foot, and the athlete's foot will be eliminated. The connection between the help and the outsole is a leather strip, and the sturdy detachable shoemaker cannot be disassembled. Good leather, nothing to say, shoes are beautiful! Generous, many retired cadres are passing through, are looking for the old military shoes produced in this 3516 factory, later military boots compared with him, friends who know goods, JUN fans Old shoe fans, old sailors know.


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flight leather jacket men's flying leather cold winter warm leather suit
02 winter flight suit uses the top layer of high-grade sheepskin as the fabric, the leather is soft, full and flexible, the design is beautiful and elegant, the collar is very fine, extremely soft water mane, is the winter cold warm warm boutique outdoor


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$173 Authentic 59 winter flying leather suit clothing vintage
The authentic wool collar winter flying leather garment made in the 1980s is made of high-quality sheepskin, the inner liner is filled with mulberry silk, and the warm winter effect is super strong. Good things don't need to boast too much, this price, this quality will not regret you! After many years of stocking, the preservation is very good and the quality is unchanged.

Thomas Koehle

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Thx for posting!

I own 3 or 4 pairs of the brown gloves and one full set of the brown leather flightsuit (just not the winter but the summer version) - Boots habe always been a problem for me in China I never found them in size 11/45 that I have.

The gear they used / use for their military is not so bad so if you find your size go ahead ...


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That would be my comment as well. Chinese sizing doesn’t correlate well with US, European and Western sizing . If it doesn’t fit it’s almost impossible to send back and your stuck with it.